About us...

Our Mission

Fox Mums is an innovative online Mum community aimed at creating a simple, effective support system which empowers Mums to increase their quality of living. By providing affordable solutions to some of Mums’ most pressing needs, we seek to broaden the possibilities for each Mum to build the extraordinary life she chooses.

How does Fox Mums work?

Fox Mums is a supportive community made up of mothers who can work together to empower each other as individuals. Our aim is to connect all mums with the friendship and support they need to enjoy a better quality of life with their children. After all, we all need (and deserve) a little fun and time to ourselves, don’t we?

Fox Mums uses a virtual currency which members can use to pay each other for a service, such as childcare and babysitting. Each new member gets 100 free credits on sign up, and we’ve set it up so that once a member, practically anyone can afford to buy more credits to use inside the community. More on pricing here.

Joining is free

Becoming a Fox Mums member is absolutely free. All you need to do is fill out your details in the sign-up window and then complete your personal bio with as much information as you would like to share.

All mums are welcome. 

Meeting other Fox Mums members

Fox Mums is a community, and we encourage members to reach out to one another. You can search for other Fox Mums members by postcode, children’s age and gender, and also availability for play dates, childcare and babysitting. If you’re a single mum looking to connect with other single mums, you can specifically search for other single mums or connect with all Fox Mums members.

You’ll be able to privately message other Fox Mums members to get to know each other. You can also invite your friends, and when you do, you’ll get 50 credits free when they sign up!

Booking childcare and babysitting services

Aside from our community, Fox Mums offers the chance to book childcare and babysitting services at a fraction of the existing market price.

You’ll be able to see members’ availability as well as other information, such as whether they have a valid Working with Children Check and relevant experience. You can meet up before you book (if you like) so you can enjoy yourself, knowing your children are in great hands.

At the end of the babysitting, instead of handing over cash you simply log into your Fox Mums account and transfer the relevant amount of credits to your babysitter’s account. Then you rate your babysitter to complete the transaction.

20 credits = 1 hour of childcare/babysitting (the equivalent of $2.00 per hour)

Offering childcare and babysitting services

If you’d like to offer childcare and babysitting services to other Fox Mums members in exchange for credits, simply add that information to your Fox Mums bio. If you have a current Working with Children Check, you’ll have the chance to upload a copy so we can verify it and add it to your profile for you.

Each childcare/babysitting hour earns 20 credits, and you can use your credits towards your own babysitter or exchange accumulated credits for shopping vouchers at Australia’s largest online retailers.

Find out more about pricing or start connecting today!